Project Description

Varieties of olives

We offer most of the varieties of olives that can be found in Spain. They are selected at source and traditionally seasoned. A large part of the varieties that we commercialise are grown on our own farms.

We offer olives seasoned in different ways ( Soda cooked, in brine, sundried…) and in different preparations (whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced, cracked, ripped, broken…)

  • Manzanilla olive
  • Hojiblanca olive
  • Carrasqueña olive
  • Gordal olive
  • Cuquillo olive (natural black)
  • Lechín olive (natural black)
  • Cacereña olive (natural black)
  • Empletre olive (natural black)
  • Cornicabra olive (violet)
  • Arbequina olive
  • Marteña olive
  • Ocal olive
  • Sevillana de Caspe olive
  • Pico Limón olive
  • Mollar de Cieza olive
  • Aloreña olive